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  • Inspirational quotes and blogs monthly #12

    This monthly wrap up may feature you! An amazing post and some inspirational quotes are right here…

  • Need a new lease on life?

    It is cold here. Pleasantly so, the sunlight still comes through and it’s comforting to wear warm soft clothes like my oodie and knitted socks, however I needed a beanie for a night outing and didn’t have one that I liked. I did find my old pink (mushroom?) beanie, but it didn’t look as appealing…

  • It’s okay to be anxious (self-shaping snippet #5)

    Live your life intentionally with self-shaping snippets to be shared on the second Monday of each month (or maybe a Wednesday or two). These monthly snippets will help move you towards what you would like to see in your life by shaping your thoughts and actions. This month’s snippet is about realising it’s okay to…

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