Inspirational quotes and blogs monthly #1

This is the last Monday of the month, which means a wrap up of pictures and quotes from each Monday’s post. An amazing post from one of you has also been shared. Hope you find some inspiration!

“Emotions are data, they contain flashing lights to things we care about…but they are not directives…we own them, they don’t own us.”

Susan David

“I always pay attention to things that disprove a belief I have.”

Rebecca Lynn

“The typical expression of opening friendship would be something like, what, you too?”

C.S. Lewis

Let us know which quote you related to most in the comments below. Did you post anything this month with a similar message? Provide links in the comments for us.

If you enjoyed the above quotes and would like to read the full posts, they are available via the links below. The full posts also contain details of where the images were sourced.

  • You imposter!
    Have you ever been in a meeting and you think all the other people in the room know so much … Continue reading You imposter!
  • How to kick your codependent behaviour
    Have you ever noticed some people support each other’s goals in their relationships, whilst others seem so dependent on each other, any other goal outside their relationship is impossible? This might be codependency. Read on for some tips out of this cycle.
  • Inspirational quotes and blogs monthly #1
    This is a monthly montage of quotes and images from the posts made each Monday. Find some inspiration!

I have also selected the post that really inspired me this month, it was not easy, all of you are fantastic writers, but the winner is a post that made me smile – how dogs react when their owners return from being away – check it out on ‘Learning from dogs’.

It gets easier every day.

9 thoughts on “Inspirational quotes and blogs monthly #1

  1. Rebecca Lynn’s quote was the one that spoke to me. Listening to opinions that differ from the mainstream, that give you another perspective on life, reveals things. Keeping an open mind is the way to grow and evolve, even if that means one has to change their mind. We do not know everything. We cannot, so why not listen?

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    1. Yes, I agree, if you can keep an open mind to differing opinions, it gives you the opportunity to grow. Just really listening can sometimes make a big difference! Thanks for this comment 😊


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