Each moment counts – coffee time (#6)

You were put here for a reason. Let’s continue the journey noticing life’s moments, and turn all your moments of the ordinary into something extraordinary. 

Mindfulness moment 6. Order a different coffee

Trying something different is sometimes an easier way to help you stay mindful.

Why not try ordering a different coffee today from your usual order (or tea, or whatever takes your fancy)? If you can’t bring yourself to do this, that’s fine, read on with your usual order.

Hold the mug in your hands, does it feel warm?

Smell your coffee, can you explain what it smells like?

Close your eyes and imagine where it came from, how do you think all the ingredients were created?

Before you sip your coffee really take a careful look at it, are there different colours on the top of the coffee?

As you take a sip of your coffee, don’t rush, really notice what it feels like in your mouth. Is it really hot? Does it have a certain texture?

Don’t swallow your sip yet, pay attention to what it tastes like. Is there any sweetness? If it’s a new order, can you taste the difference from your usual coffee?

Swallow your sip and see if you can feel where it goes in your body.

When you take your second sip, be aware of how you take the sip. Are you thinking differently about today’s coffee?

Each moment brings a new possibility.

Images depicts three cappuccino style coffees, each in a porcelain coffee cup with saucer and silver teaspoon.

Don’t just drink your coffee, really notice it, the smell, the flavour, the colours and warmth. Even our daily coffee provides a chance to pay attention to this moment.


Are you enjoying the journey through life’s moments? If you missed any of the moments catch up via the links below, and share your best tips to staying mindful in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

22 thoughts on “Each moment counts – coffee time (#6)

  1. Oh, I love this mindful moment. Isn’t it amazing how a bit of variety can spice up our life. I had a chai latte recently, which I don’t usually have. Thanks for the reminders to savour those little moments! 💙☕️

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  2. What a lovely perspective. The idea of trying something different as a way to be more mindful. A bit like trying to write with your non dominant hand. Mix it up. Experiment. Have fun. Thanks for the reminder 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Brisbane Aust, I didn’t realise we are both Aussies, I was reading your post in the evening so figured I would just try a few detours from the routine the next day instead. Which I will…now that it is the next day 🙂

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  3. I love these reminders to be mindful. I have recently started adding milk to my coffee – I usually drank it black – as a treat. This morning, I savored each warm, sweet mouthful.

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