Inspirational quotes and blogs monthly #7

Find some inspiration with the monthly quote wrap up! An amazing post from one of you has also been shared, it may just be you…

See moments that deviated from the expected as opportunities, not frustrations.


“All humans are worthy, though we make choices that aren’t perfect, our worthiness still exists.”


Don’t just drink your coffee, really notice it, the smell, the flavour, the colours and warmth. Even our daily coffee provides a chance to pay attention to this moment.


Let us know which quote you related to most in the comments below. Did you post anything this month with a similar message? Provide links in the comments for us.

If you enjoyed the above quotes and would like to read the full posts, they are available via the links below. The full posts also contain details of where the images were sourced.

Note the above links update as new posts are added, so if you are reading this at a later date, to find the older posts please search the archives for the relevant month.

I have also selected a wonderful post that I really enjoyed this month, it was difficult to choose as all of you are fantastic writers, but the winner is a post that encourages us to create mindset habits with eight great tips for implementing mindset habits in 2021 – check it out on β€˜Psychology of Mindfulness’.

It gets easier every day.

19 thoughts on “Inspirational quotes and blogs monthly #7

  1. Such inspiration, I like the quote where we may not make the perfect choices but we try. Life is full of trial and error and we must learn and see the positive, instead of the negative. Thanks for sharing and keeping us pondering and thinking! Love it! ❀️🐴🀠

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  2. I love the idea of really noticing our food. My nutritionist and I have been working on that with ice cream. Discovering the satisfaction factor and slowly savoring it. It helps me be more mindful about my choices πŸ™‚

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  3. I am learning from our quarntineing year that it is helpful to see frustrtions and changes and unexpected thing as opportunties. Often they open up a space for something new- opportunities!

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