Each moment counts – sunrise (#7)

You were put here for a reason. Let’s continue the journey noticing life’s moments, and turn all your moments of the ordinary into something extraordinary. 

Mindfulness moment 7. Watch the sunrise.

Peacefully watching the new day arrive may bring some mindfulness to your day. Sit in a comfortable space where you can see the sun as it starts peaking out over the horizon and really take notice of all that is happening.

Can you feel the air changing as the new day awakens and the light and warmth of the sun breaks through?

What can you hear? Does the world seem like it is at rest? Can you hear any wildlife?

As you watch the sunrise notice how it illuminates the sky and the grandeur of the scene around it. Name the different colours you can see in the sky. Are all the colours separate or do they meld into each other?

Take a moment to breathe in this new day by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath in through your nose, holding it for a couple of seconds, then slowly releasing it out your mouth.

Can you smell anything different at this dawn of a new day?

Each moment brings a new possibility.

Images depict sunrise across the ocean from an apartment building.

Don’t give up, each new day brings a new dawn of possibilities.


Are you enjoying the journey through life’s moments? If you missed any of the moments catch up via the links below, and share your best tips to staying mindful in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

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