Each moment counts – sit by the fireplace (#11)

You were put here for a reason. Let’s continue the journey noticing life’s moments, and turn all your moments of the ordinary into something extraordinary. 

Mindfulness moment 11. Sit by the fireplace.

Time to relax by the fireplace.

What colours can you see flickering in the flames of the fire? Can you see any blues? Are there different shades of each colour in the flames? Can you see any smoke or ash that are grey and white?

How often does the fire crackle? Can you count space between the crackles?

What does it smell like? How would you describe the smell to someone else?

Are you warm? Can you feel the warmth emanating from the fire?

Are you inside or outside? Can you roast a marshmallow or feel a breeze on your face?

If you don’t have a fireplace there are some fantastic candles that create a crackling fire sound. Light one of these, observe the candle light flickering and listen for the crackling sound. Can you describe what you see and hear?

Each moment brings a new possibility.

Images all provided by www.pexels.com free images. Images fireplaces indoors and outdoors.

“We no longer build fireplaces for physical warmth—, we build them for the warmth of the soul…”

— Edna Ferber

Are you enjoying the journey through life’s moments? If you missed any of the moments catch up via the links below, and share your best tips to staying mindful in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

12 thoughts on “Each moment counts – sit by the fireplace (#11)

  1. I Love sitting in front of our fireplace on a cold winter day and enjoying the crackle and colors of the fire. Bringing warmth and relaxation. We don’t light a fire now in our fireplace and have put in a fake fire insert. It even makes the fire crackle sounds! It’s okay, and still makes you relax and enjoy the evening. ❤️

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