Each moment counts – Find a four leaf clover (#13)

You were put here for a reason. Let’s continue the journey noticing life’s moments, and turn all your moments of the ordinary into something extraordinary. 

Mindfulness moment 13. Find a four leaf clover.

Take off your shoes if you can while you search, walk around and feel the Earth under your feet.

Notice the colours on the ground, can you see the green of a four leaf clover?

Does the ground feel cold, or is there some warmth from the sun?

How difficult is it to find a four leaf clover, can you see many with three leaves instead?

Bend down and touch your find, how do the leaves look and feel?

Will you pick it or leave it to grow?

Each moment brings a new possibility.

Images all provided by www.pexels.com free images. Images include clovers, women walking through fields, sheep, shamrock and the word ‘lucky’ in sprinkles.

The poetry of the earth is never dead.

— John Keats

Quote found here at overallmotivation.com

Are you enjoying the journey through life’s moments? If you missed any of the moments catch up via the links below, and share your best tips to staying mindful in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

12 thoughts on “Each moment counts – Find a four leaf clover (#13)

  1. I found a seven leaf clover once. Think I was in Rome. And a friend and I once found a place with lots of four-leaf clovers. Haven’t looked for them for years but not sure we have much clover around here. It is fun to do though. Your post made me go hunting for the two I’ve kept from long ago: one a four leaf and one a five leaf.

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