It’s okay to be anxious (self-shaping snippet #5)

Live your life intentionally with self-shaping snippets to be shared on the second Monday of each month (or maybe a Wednesday or two). These monthly snippets will help move you towards what you would like to see in your life by shaping your thoughts and actions.

This month’s snippet is about realising it’s okay to be anxious and there is no shame in sharing your anxious thoughts with your inner circle.

Thought shaping

  • Everyone gets anxious, don’t be so hard on yourself when you feel anxiety paying you a visit.
  • Notice where you feel it, can you label it? Really examine what it feels like and describe it as you would to someone who had never felt it before. Perhaps it is little pulses in your body, or waves of energy that are trying to get your attention.
  • Acknowledge the anxiety is trying to help you, know this, but also be mindful it may not be useful right now. If this is the case, see if you can turn your attention away from the anxiety, perhaps to your breath.
  • Own your anxiety, it is nothing to be ashamed of and you are not alone, talk to people you can trust about it and also seek professional help if needed.
  • Use available tools and techniques where you can, exercise, baths, mindfulness, deep breathing, meditation, laughter, podcasts, spending time with your furry family, big hugs with someone you care about, music, the list goes on. Find something that works for you.

“Everything that happens happens as it should, and if you observe carefully, you will find this to be so.

Marcus Aurelius


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8 responses to “It’s okay to be anxious (self-shaping snippet #5)”

  1. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t experience anxiety. It’s how we navigate through it that matters. Great tips and advice. 🙏

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    1. Yes Miriam! So true ❤️ Not always easy, super scary sometimes but part of being human 😊

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  2. I refocus on my breathing and then talk over my concerns with someone close to me. If I keep things to myself, I have learned that it only gets worse.

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    1. Great advice Suzanne, and I love that the world in general seems more open to talking about it now ❤️

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  3. I’m with Miriam. It’s how we navigate through it that matters.

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    1. So true Laurie ❤️

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  4. Great post. I suffered from a debilitating anxiety disorder for almost a decade and learning that it was actually OKAY to feel anxious was a huge step for me x

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    1. Aw thanks so much for sharing Jenny, so helpful ❤️


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